Bug Found in Ecuador’s Embassy in London

Julian Assange of WikiLeaks and Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño during a recent meeting at the South American country’s embassy in London. Photo: Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry

HAVANA TIMES — Ecuador’s Foreign Minister, Ricardo Patiño, reported today that a bug was found in the main office of the Ecuadorian embassy in London. He said that on Wednesday an announcement is forthcoming as to who owns that device.

Patino said the microphone was detected a few days ago, but it had not been announced while the investigation as to whom it belonged to was underway.  He said that information has been verified and would be made public tomorrow.

The foreign minister added that they will ask for “immediate explanations”  from the people suspected of planting the microphone.

Follow up story: Ecuador’s embassy bugging points to British firm, Surveillance Group Ltd.

The diplomat dissociated this fact with the electronic spying being conducted by the United States, denounced by former secret service worker Edward Snowden.

The official said that hereafter must tighter security must be put in place “because apparently the things we say among us are appearing publicly,” he said.

Patiño claimed that “Univision TV has shown an enormous capacity to obtain documents from the national government,” but said he was not “sure” that the broadcaster had “hacked” the embassy.

In relation to the request for asylum from Edward Snowden, Patiño said that if another country accepts his request, Ecuador will finalize its part in the process. “We are not fighting for him to come here,” he said.

Patino also proposed a meeting of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) to deal with the prohibition of Portugal to let the plane of Bolivian president, Evo Morales, to land in that country, over suspicions that Snowden was on board.

In the morning, Patino described the news agencies as “efficient spies” for publishing, before it reached the hands of President Rafael Correa, a thank you letter sent to him from Snowden.
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7 thoughts on “Bug Found in Ecuador’s Embassy in London

  • So espionage is fine when states do it but not individuals. Double standards and hypocrisy are the norm of US behavior. Just because something is common place does not make it legal, ethical or moral. Shoplifting, pedophilia and domestic abuse are common practice but that does not mean it is legal. And of course when you say EU who actually are you referring to – the leaders and 1% corporate elite – or do you mean citizenry? Of course the earlier. The majority of European cities are vehemently opposed to being spied upon.

  • Again i am totally impressed with Mr Snowden, he has done what noone has ever done in over 30 yrs Sent lawmakers to their mats to clean house like the cowards they are
    I wonder how much the dixiecrats and carpetbaggers really have to hide My spouse says that he is a pitch man for the GOP set up to make it look like he is doing something in order to shame the Afrikan at 1600 PA ave AGAIN 😉
    He says that in the end the CIA will assassinate him and the Wiki guy and in a few yrs no one will be talking about it but China!

  • The UK and amerikkkn Gov are as close as old slave masters can be Their main goal/function is to control the masses and officiate terror
    Moreover, One thing is clear about the UK and that is when those staunch people become disenchanted with their leaders they call out the Queen

  • Has any amerikan or her allies been there lately? 😉
    Oh by the way i will not respond to anyone here I will simply state my opinion and move on If i do not call you out OH WELL! your not important

  • Everyone spies on everyone. To feign outrage or even surprise at being spied upon is flatly disingenuous. Even within governments, opposing political parties spy on each other. This is old news. Furthermore, the EU’s support of US policies is not from a lack of independence. The EU and the US share common goals and interests. When the US pursues goals which contradict EU interests, their support for the US disappears rapidly.

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  • The EU’s collective response to Snowden in denying his asylum in the face of the US’s spying accusations on them reinforces that Europe’s political leaders are the gutless lackeys of Empire. We know who is their mama.

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