Campaign Begins in Cuba for Imprisoned Spy Ana Belen Montes

Fernando Ravsberg

HAVANA TIMES – This week the first public event was held in Havana to demand the release of Ana Belen Montes, a spy for Cuba who has already served 15 years in prison. The ceremony was held at the Casa del Alba and had the participation of poets and singers, including Vicente Feliu, who is an activist for the cause of the Puerto Rican woman.

“I have sung many times for her but this is the first time as an exclusive concert for Ana Belen,” said Feliu, adding that “the need arises to make the cause of this internationalist heroin known in our country.”

Ana Belen Montes is a Puerto Rican who became a high official of the US military intelligence. She was known as “The Queen of Cuba” because she devoted herself almost exclusively to gather military information about the island but actually worked for Cuban intelligence.

For Feliú there are two spaces, “regardless of what Cuba and the US are negotiating, I think that we Cubans have to know that this woman risked her life for us.” However, the knowledge of her in Cuba is limited because no national press covered the event.

Manuel David Orrio speaks about Ana Belén Montes.
Manuel David Orrio speaks about Ana Belén Montes.

A hundred people attended, including former Cuban state security agent, Manuel David Orrio, who says committees are being created in Cuban provinces to demand Montes release. He mentioned such efforts in Holguín and Sancti Spiritus.

“There are also committees in France, Sweden, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico,” said Orrio. He noted that the first phase was to publicize the case. “I put out a Google alert a year ago and before I received one response every 3 or 4 days now I get 4 or 5 alerts every day. That shows how we have progressed. ”

“For the Cuban government in its relations with the US it is extremely complex to request by the release of the imprisoned lieutenant colonel. It is different from the Cuban Five agents’ case [which ended with the release of the remaining three from US prisons in December 2014.] But no one can stop us as civil society from mounting a campaign for her freedom,” added Orrio.

21 thoughts on “Campaign Begins in Cuba for Imprisoned Spy Ana Belen Montes

  • September 30, 2016 at 6:23 am

    I don’t make a catalogue of factual and historic errors. The problem is that:

    1) You don’t read my comments properly and so you argue against things I haven’t even said.
    2) Rather than tackle the issues raised you try and discredit me by taking everything pedantically literal when it’s meant metaphorically. As a country under occupation and living under a puppet government, most people would understand exactly what I meant when referring to France.

    So it ends up in arguments over semantics

  • September 29, 2016 at 12:22 pm

    You can read a good factual account of Ana Belen Montes, here:

    Once again: it’s doesn’t matter what her motivation was:

    1. She is a US citizen
    2. She was an analyst of the US Defence Intelligence Agency to whom she swore an oath of service,
    3. She worked as a spy for a hostile foreign government.
    4. Therefore, she is a traitor.

  • September 29, 2016 at 12:04 pm

    Read your own words Dani:

    “The French resistance were citizens of the third Reich.”

    Utter nonsense.

  • September 29, 2016 at 10:18 am

    you don’t see the relevance? Not surprised. As a trained DIA agent she knows what Cuba does in the intelligence world. It does not take a brain surgeon to see the ties. So she, as a catalyst, is directly responsible. She should have been shot!

  • September 29, 2016 at 6:21 am

    I didn’t say Germany annexed France, I said the French were under the 3rd Reich. Maybe not the best example, but you are quibbling over historic details rather than seeing the point. How about Lithuanians under the Soviet Union? Would they be criminal traitors if they spied against the Soviet Union? They were Soviet citizens after all and lived under Soviet law. Happy with that?

    With smaller nations within other states, the relationship is complex. I should know – I’m Welsh. History and stats aren’t the motivation. To paraphrase Pablo Iglesias, some people are Scottish, some are British, some are British and Scottish, some are Scottish and British. And it is a personal thing – you might start out with loyalty in one category and move towards another. Not sure what your point about the election is. After all the Scots voted overwhelmingly for the SNP in that election. People vote for Sinn Fein in Northern Ireland as well but wouldn’t consider themselves loyal to Britain. My point is that I don’t see how you can be considered a traitor to Britain if you see your nation and country as Scotland rather than Britain.

    Finally I haven’t insisted that she’s not a real spy. She was – and was very successful at it. Catalogue of factual & historic errors? Where?

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