Golf Courses with Canary Island Capital

HAVANA TIMES, Feb. 17 — Cuban tourism authorities are interested in investments from Canary Islands business people, especially to develop golf courses, said Cuban tourism minister Manuel Marrero on Tuesday in discussions with Paulino Rivero, president of the Canary Islands, Spain autonomous government, reported IPS.

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  • For those who would like to know more about Socialism and the effects of tourism I would suggest they do little research on it.

    There has been some articles and books written on it the Yugoslavia model and others even one on Cuba.

    Of course this is for non-commerical use and just for educational purposes you can go the web its pdf form- THE JANUS-FACED CHARACTER OF TOURISM IN CUBA

    below are two excerpts from it for educational purposes only…..Cort

    “They are talking about the special period here”

    Tourism was an obvious option, so the government quickly began to develop
    Varadero Beach as a destination, building hotels and an airport
    via joint ventures with foreign companies. As early as 1989, Castro was
    promoting the importance and value of the industry. In a television
    interview broadcast by Tele-Rebelde immediately before the inauguration
    of the new airport at Varadero, Castro told the viewers that Cuba’s
    natural beauty is a ‘‘patrimony of…

  • I’ve gotta agree with Cort on this one. Cuba doesn’t need Canary Islands business people investing in Cuba. The people can do their own investments and attract tourists on whatever basis is required.

    What is happening in Cuba (and China) is the natural, end result of the mole Marxist idea of socialism. Full state ownership of all the means of production must end in a massive bureaucratic caste running the show, and inviting in foreign capitalists to “invest” to build hotels, golf courses, and many other enterprises. It’s simply a modified version of capitalism.

    The Cuban party had better come to terms w/ the faulty Marxian formula for socialist construction, and institute a new hypothesis based on the experience of the Mondragon workers, or the end will soon come for Cuban socialism!

    I suspect that there are many bureau slugs rubbing their hands, hoping for this. They may hope to play golf with Canary Island business people as equals.

  • With all the f…ing problems in Cuba with cutbacks in services and jobs on the back of the workers, 2 billion dollars in debt, lack of housing and such, no proletarian democracy they the bureaucracy in the corrupt Tourist ministry wants to waste water and other resources so rich people can come play golf. They are already building four star hotels for rich people in China.What a mess!

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