Canadians Vote in Snap Election Called by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

By Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMES – In Canada, voters are casting ballots today in a parliamentary election that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is hoping will deliver a clear mandate to his Liberal Party. But the Liberals have been in a tight race with the Conservative Party, with the progressive New Democratic Party polling in third place.

The leaders of the two main challenging parties accused Trudeau of calling the snap election amid a Delta-fueled fourth wave of COVID infections.

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4 thoughts on “Canadians Vote in Snap Election Called by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

  • An interesting addendum. A new poll in Canada shows that over 70% of Canadians think that Trudeau should resign for calling the unnecessary election. That figure includes Liberals!

  • As a Canadian I have to agree totally with my fellow Canadian, Carlyle MacDuff in his schooling of Sandra Lally in her incorrect assertions about Canada, plus attempt to defend the integrity of Canadian elections.

    Canada may share a long border with our compatriots to the south: United States but Canada does not engage in “rigged votes” nor “rigged voting machines”. I doubt Americans do that either.

    Canadian elections are fair, democratic, and civil though not all Canadians agree on the present system of the “first past the post” winner take all approach. But that is a different discussion.

    Canada prides itself in being a secular society. Politicians stay clear of referring to any religious denomination, affinity, beliefs. Canada is not a theocracy; political debate steers clear of intersecting church and state.

    In Canadian democratic society it is the duly elected Prime Minister and his political Party that governs the country for four years if a majority is achieved at election time, or less than four years in a minority Parliament.

    I do agree with you, Sandra, that it may have been foolish for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to have called an early election, particularly during the fourth wave of a persistent pandemic. It will be the Canadian voting public, all eligible Canadians, who will decide whether Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party, the current Prime Minister before September 20, made a tactical political hubris mistake or used smart political strategy. Whatever the case, it was not the will of a Supreme Being.

    With regard to your assertion “He (God) controls how history unfolds” not everyone agrees with you.

    Since the world is populated with human beings, both male and female, it is they who control the fate of how history unfolds and because each has the potential for good and evil there is ample evidence in this historical world of tremendous evil perpetrated by humans unto humans – some religious to boot, and there is ample evidence of how mankind (and women kind) have demonstrated insurmountable evidence of the goodness of humanity – again, religious such as Saints toward others.

    God does not “control”. In fact the exact opposite is true. Religious folks state God has given man/women the freedom to choose between good and evil. All human beings have the innate potential to go one way or the other. Think the Garden of Eden if that story resonates with you. If God “controlled”, as you, Sandra, state, would we – all human beings – including you be but mere mortal robots, not human beings, doing what the master says?

  • Just to clarify! The Canadian election and Canada itself, ought not to be confused with Ms. Sandra Lally’s comments, which have nothing whatsoever to do with that country, but reflect the mental confusion common in the US about elections. Nor does God control the Canadian elections – in Canada he or she is non-political! The Canadian flag is red and white, featuring the maple leaf. In short Ms. Lally’s comment is trash!

  • Yes, and so far now accusations of rigged votes, rigged voting machines and attempted coups by armed radicals who have politicized the US flag. This flag will forever have a tarnish to it because of the extremists in the States. Yes it was foolish to call an early election, this is what happens when you do not confer with God first on such critical decisions. Whoever God deems to rule our country , it is and will be God’s will. He controls how history unfolds.

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