Capitol Police Arrest Black Caucus Chair Joyce Beatty

and others as they march to defend democracy

Photo: Rod Lamkey/CNP/Sipa USA

Por Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMES – In Washington, D.C., Capitol Police arrested at least nine people as they took part in a demonstration at a Senate office building in defense of voting rights, led by prominent Black women. One of those arrested was Ohio congressmember and chair of the Congressional Black Caucus Joyce Beatty.

Protesters: “… turn me ’round. We fight for voting rights, and we — turn me ’round. We’re gonna keep on walking, keep on talking, marching on to freedom land.”

The group chanted “Pass the For the People Act.” Congressmember Beatty wore a T-shirt reading “Protect Our Voting Rights.” She tweeted an image of herself walking with arms linked to other Black women defending democracy, writing, “We will not be turned around. We will keep walking. We will fight for freedom. We will fight for our right to vote!” Following her arrest, Congressmember Beatty also tweeted “#GoodTrouble,” quoting her friend, the late congressmember and civil rights leader John Lewis.

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3 thoughts on “Capitol Police Arrest Black Caucus Chair Joyce Beatty

  • Irony of ironies, Joyce Beatty voted ‘yea’ on giving the Capital Police additional funding.

  • Throughout the 20th century the USA moved gradually toward being a fully representative democracy. However, voter suppression techniques have been going on there for so long it would come as no surprise to learn that this was being cooked up by those religious fundamentalists to alleviate the boredom of the voyage on that old Mayflower.

    As trump himself said ‘if we let everyone have a vote, we’d never have a Republican President again’.

    The USA is effectively a two party state. The bulk of one of those parties are clearly no longer keen on democracy. They don’t respect the basics any more.

    If you start off with 2.
    And then subtract 1………?
    Do the math.

  • The United States has free and open elections. The country also has countless illegal aliens. On every presidential election the are a dozen or more political parties. This woman led a group of protesters into senate chambers to protest voters being required to show their identification when they vote. She not only broke the law but she is trying to undermine the integrity of elections. No voter identification would allow people to vote multiple times and people not eligible to vote. Ripe for fraud, the only thing worse would be a one party system.

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