Capriles Drops Audit, Will Contest Elections

Henrique Capriles

HAVANA TIMES — Venezuelan opposition leader Henrique Capriles said Thursday that he will not participate in an audit of the April 14 presidential elections because he did not receive sufficient guarantees of transparency from the National Electoral Council (CNE). Instead, he announced that he will contest the elections that gave a narrow victory to President Nicolas Maduro, reported dpa news.

Capriles said he was confident that he had actually won the elections and that due to voting irregularities a new election will be held.

Capriles noted that the CNE refused to give sufficient guarantees to conduct a full audit and when the time frame of his ultimatum to that electoral body had passed, he decided to discard participation in the review.

“The country was lied to, they offered an audit process, where Venezuelans would have a thorough knowledge of the process. That has not happened and the next step is to contest the elections,” he said in an interview with Globovision TV.

Capriles added that although he has no expectations about what the Supreme Court would rule on the case, he decided to fulfill the legal paperwork, because “this election will end up traveling the world.”

8 thoughts on “Capriles Drops Audit, Will Contest Elections

  • There is no way to know who won since the election council and the courts are stacked with Chavistas. There will be no truth coming out about the real results. If everyone is so sure Maduro won, then he’d be man enough to have a real re-count of the election.

  • I believe that Venezuela needs to arm and train the workers–if this hasn’t been done already–perhaps with a National Guard recruited from the working-class districts.

    No matter what happens, the present US gov’t and Venezuelan traitors will keep trying to reinstall a collaborationist regime. Only an armed and trained working class, it seems to me, can guarantee a Venezuela free of US control.

    The real danger may be inside the armed forces. Those elements who are reactionaries, especially in the commissioned and non-commissioned officer corps, should be purged. Only those committed to defense of national sovereignty and the Bolivarian project should be retained. Otherwise, a replay of Spain, late ’30s, might be the result.

    The armed forces purge may already have been achieved, but I do not know.

  • Hi Mike, soory, but I can`t agree with you,Maduro doesn`t need to prove anything, He was declared winner by the CNE . All observers ( included the ones of the opposition), agreed that it were fair and transparent elections. There were national an international observers as f.e. the Carter Center). As Capriles claims that he was the winner, withour giving any evidence, ha has to proof that he is the winner. Lets not turn the tables around. A recount of the votes was granted, but all of a sudden Capriles changed his mind again, wanting new elections. With what right? He simply doesn`t want to recognize the victory within democratic and fairly fair elections. He would not even respect decisions of any of the Venezuelan institutions. Strangely enough, when the CNE decided that he was the winner, he trusted the CNE. All of a sudden, as he is the the big looser he does not. Muy Caprichoso.looser again, he doen

  • Friedrich, my partner is Venezuelan so I know quite a lot. Maduro can not be president if he can’t prove he won the election. Nobody has the divine right to power and by his actions it proves that he is hiding something

  • Mike, they don´t care. I don`t know whether you have followed any Venezuelan TV station or red Venezuelen newspapers. Its getting really hot. He wants to bring down the govenment at any price, and whatever he does is just pure calculation and tactics. It´s gonna be tough for Maduro. He wouldn`t mind risking a civil war and present himself as the victim afterwards. an don`t underesteem the power of the massmedia. In Venezuela about 80% are privat and the are all fierce enemies of Maduro.Plus the big international chains like CNN, who is clearly in favor of Capriles, BBC is more objective, but still, El Pais etc.There`s an uincredible mediatic war going ion, whether through the mass media or withuin the red. I dont know how many messages I have received yet, threatening with my assassination etc. Well, I could care less, because I live in Europe. But stii, when you read what these people write, I tell its not funny anymore, its rather scary.

  • How is coup? They can’t prove he won!

  • I told you he’s planning a coup.

  • He´ll find every hour a different excuse or story.. Accion Soberania plans are wellknown anyways, and he`s exactly following this scheme. Hé`ll be just going on. Hopefully they put this psychopath to prison sooner thanlater or a mental hospital, because thats where he belongs to.

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