Caravan of Asylum Seekers Departs Southern Mexico for US Border

By Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMES – In immigration news, a caravan of at least 6,000 people departed from the southern Mexican city of Tapachula Monday hoping to reach the U.S.-Mexico border in search of refuge. Many of the caravan members are from Venezuela and Cuba, two nations that have been deeply affected by U.S. economic sanctions. The caravan coincides with the start of the Summit of the Americas, where leaders plan to discuss migration. This is caravan organizer Luis García Villagrán.

Luis García Villagrán: “We tell the leaders: We are not anyone’s currency. We are not going to wait until the Mexican Commission for Refugee Assistance decides on our fate in August. Today, we are not going to allow the National Institute for Migration to take until September to give us a solution. Today, the free citizens of Latin America walk out of this immigration prison that our officials are willing to turn Tapachula into.”

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