Caravan Protests US-Cuba Policy

By Susannah Lopez

HAVANA TIMES, July 18 – On their trek across the United States, members of the project Pastors for Peace made a stop at First Presbyterian Church in Santa Barbara, California to speak about their journey and its purpose. About 50 people gathered to learn about or support the Caravan to Cuba.

The Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization formed Pastors for Peace, according to their literature, in order to create opportunities for concerned United State citizens to demonstrate and enact an alternative foreign policy based on justice and mutual respect.

There have been more that 50 Pastors for Peace caravans, traveling to Mexico, Central America, and Cuba. Motivation for the Cuba caravan is rooted in what participants consider an unjust and immoral U.S. foreign policy. The “caravanistas” who visited Santa Barbara were traveling along one of 14 planned routes, all entailing a one-to-two-week drive through Canada and the United States, with stops for public outreach events in many (read more)