Carlos Mejia Godoy Received by Nicaraguans in Panama (Video)

HAVANA TIMES – On Tuesday, March 5, the exiled Nicaraguan singer-songwriter Carlos Mejía Godoy was returning to Costa Rica from San Francisco, USA, where he performed in concert with the group “Tierra Fertil”. While on a layover of a couple of hours in Panama, he was received at the Tocumen Airport by a group of Nicaraguan exiles, members of the April 19th Alvaro Conrado Movement in Panama.

Mejia Godoy danced to the classic songs “Soy puro pinolero” and “Nicaragua, Nicaraguita” and shared some words of gratitude.

“We are very touched, both my wife and I.  We are very moved to feel that this reception is a way of saying that Nicaragua is alive, that Nicaragua is fighting.

“Nicaragua is standing with its head held high responding as it should to this corrupt and criminal regime… but with hope in God that our people will continue to struggle, we will soon see that dawn that we all dream of, Long Live Nicaragua,” said the popular singer-songwriter.

Recibiendo a Carlos Mejía en Panamá from havanatimes on Vimeo.

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  • The dignity of a nation cannot be crushed by a dictatorship. Viva Nicaragua Libre !!! ??

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