Claims another car rammed the vehicle

HAVANA TIMES — Angel Carromero, the rightwing Spanish politician convicted in Cuba of having caused a traffic accident in which last year killed dissidents Oswaldo Paya and Harold Cepero, told the “The Washington Post” in an exclusive interview that the incident actually occurred when another car intentionally rammed his vehicle.

“I was afraid, but Oswaldo told me not to stop if they did not signal or force us to do so. I drove carefully, giving them no reason to stop us. The last time I looked in the mirror, I realized that the car had gotten too close — and suddenly I felt a thunderous impact from behind.

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“The most important thing for me is that the Payá family always has defended my innocence, when they are the most injured by this tragedy. That’s why, when I met Rosa Maria [Payá’s daughter] this week, I could not hide the truth any more. I am not only innocent — I am another victim, who might also be dead now. I know that this decision could result in more brutal media attacks against me from Cuba, but I don’t deserve to be considered guilty of involuntary homicide, and, above all, I could not live, being complicit through my silence,” said Carromero.

Read the full Washington Post interview.

23 thoughts on “Carromero Changes Story on Paya Death

  • Check out the photo of the back of the car.

  • Sorry, but you are mistaken. He killed two people not particularly well liked by the Cuban government that did whatever was in its hands to get rid of Carromero as soon as possible, possibly to show the world that they did not have anything to hide regarding this ase.

    The prosecutor based the case in the fact that he DID had an accident that resulted in the DEATH of two people, and had all the facts to prove it as well as his confession. His reckless driving record was just additional circumstantial evidence; even if he were a a professional driver with a pristine record that made a single mistake, he was going to be charged with vehicular manslaughter. The thought that the prosecution based the case on his driver record is simply laughable, specially when it clearly shows Carromero’s disrespect for traffic law.

  • I absolutely agree that his driving record was pertinent to his court case. According to Carromero’s lawyer, the prosecution based its case mainly on the ‘reckless driver’ myth. Which is exactly why the tribunal had to REDUCE Carromero’s eventual sanction from the prosecution’s request of SEVEN to FOUR years (feel free to calculate the percentage), because the defense busted good part of that myth by presenting the hard facts instead. I’m sorry if the court didn’t consider your very strong personal opinion on Carromero.

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