Carromero Trial Begins Today in Bayamo

HAVANA TIMES — The trial starts today in Bayamo of the Spanish politician Angel Carromero, who is charged with manslaughter in the deaths of dissidents Oswaldo Paya and Hector Cepero.  The family of Paya traveled to the eastern Cuban city on Thursday.

“They (the widow, Ofelia Acevedo, and the daughter, Rosa Maria Paya) have headed out in that direction, but I can’t confirm they’re going to attend the trial,” said a relative via phone from their house.

Paya’s family does not accept the official version of the accident; instead they’ve requested an international investigation and they refuse to accuse Carromero.

According to diplomatic sources, Carromero will be defended by two lawyers from an international law office in Havana, who will be advised by a Spanish attorney. The Spanish press assures that the prosecution will request a seven year prison sentence be handed down against Carromero.

The Spanish minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo, has confidence that the trial will not be politicized, while the general consul of Spain in Cuba, Tomas Rodriguez-Pantoja, is already in Bayamo.

Carromero, 27, is a leader of the conservative “Nuevas Generaciones” youth organization of the ruling Partido Popular. He was driving the vehicle that wrecked this past July 22 and caused the death of Paya, 60, and the 31-year-old Cepero.


5 thoughts on “Carromero Trial Begins Today in Bayamo

  • Nothing exists ANYWHERE, at least not for long, without being politicized. It shows Cuba is just like any other country – except for the 50-year plus blockade it’s had to endure due to your god-forsaken government and unfeeling psycopaths like yourself.

  • You are a rightest apologist for the American so-called democracy who claims “to travel freely between Cuba and the US, regularly”. What are we to make of that?

  • You mean a leftist, apologist for the Cuban dictatorship like Edmundo Garcia? Would I get to have my own radio show too? Would I be able to travel freely between Cuba and the US, regularly meeting with Cuban functionarios and party officials in Cuba. Where do I sign up?

  • To allow a right wing extremist like this murderer says a lot about Cuba. We are always told that Cuba is a dangerous place for everyone but if you are a right wing aborted from the PP and drive around like crazy, it seems that Cuba is not that bad.

    Try being a Democrat/leftist in MIAMI, you’ll know what dictatorship is.

  • ¨The trial will not be politicized¨? This Spanish Minister is either naive or lying. Nothing exists, at least not for long, in Cuba without being politicized. Carromero will surely be convicted, with or without evidence of intentional wrongdoing. The only question that remains is what does Cuba want from Spain in exchange for his release. Stay tuned for Alan Gross, Part II.

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