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Raul Castro and Barack Obama on Sept. 29, 2015 at the UN.
Raul Castro and Barack Obama on Sept. 29, 2015 at the UN.

HAVANA TIMES – Presidents Raul Castro and Barack Obama met on Tuesday (Sept. 29) on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York City. It is the first meeting on U.S. soil between a Cuban and U.S. president in 60 years, reported ABC News. And the last Cuban president to do so was not Fidel Castro.

Obama and Raul Castro first met in April at the Summit of the Americas in Panama – the first bilateral meeting between each country’s president since the revolution. They have also spoken on the phone three times, the first time following the Dec. 17 announcement to restore diplomatic ties between the two countries.

“The meeting between Castro and Obama sustains the momentum of the historic rapprochement they are pursuing,” Peter Kornbluh, author of “Back Channel to Cuba,” told ABC News. “With two meetings and three phone conversations in the last nine months, they are actually building a relationship that will benefit their respective nations.”

The U.N. General Assembly is expected to vote for the 24th time to condemn the U.S. embargo against Cuba. Of the 193-nation assembly, last year 188 countries voted for the nonbinding resolution, with only the United States and Israel voting against it. There is speculation that both the U.S. and Israel may abstain from voting this year – making it a clean sweep.

9 thoughts on “Castro and Obama meet in New York (Video)

  • Cubans have access to the whole world right now. I am as proud an American as they come, but I don’t see what difference more Americans will make? 1 million Canadians visit Cuba each year and there is no magic pixie dust they leave behind. A bunch of rowdy Texans will hardly be an improvement. (No offense intended Texas)

  • Moses, there are steps needed to allow Cuban’s to see for themselves what life is like outside the guarded gates where most Cubans are held. Travel
    to the US is an extraordinary step along with American’s now flooding the island. I witnessed this in 1971 when as a 22 year old, state department sanctioned trip to Romania, hot time in the cold war stage, and saw for
    what life was like outside of the capital, Bucharest. Met Russians
    along the Black Sea and my conclusion was the change needed for eastern europe was beginning. I was right but it took some time. Cuba will be faster, mainly due to the cyberspace world which will lead to ideas and possibilities
    that the average Cuban has no clue exists. The embargo will also speed up this change, in my opinion, but the big news will come within the Cuban government. That’s my prediction and I believe that’s happening as I type.
    Read Bloomberg article released this morning, 09.30.15. Very well done.
    My spin, and alluded to this early this year, is change within the present government could be radical. To have this happen we must have the capability to enter Cuba and bring the Big Players onto the field. Google,
    Microsoft, Verizon, Oracle, Caterpillar, Netflix, to name a few.

  • Bjmack, you seem, by your comments, to be genuinely interested in the future for Cubans. Lifting the embargo will not bring freedom and democracy to Cuba. Cuba is free to trade with the whole world today, less, of course, the US. Why are there no potatoes in Havana this week? It has NOTHING to do with the US embargo. A better future for the Cuban people is best secured by the freedom to work and live as free people.

  • If your “invade countries” reference relates to Iraq, please remember that invasion was authorized by UN resolution. Guantanamo is a country club by the world standard. Far from being the “worst in the world” as you claim. I am a decent American but I appreciate your comment. I don’t know where you are from but I would encourage you to get the facts first. If you carry an anti-US chip on your shoulder, which is your right, you should not allow your biases to be evidenced by your expression of misinformation.

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