Castro, Ortega and Morales Celebrate Maduro’s Victory in Venezuela

Nicolas Maduro greeted by Raul Castro in September on one of his frequent trips to Havana. Photo: Estudios Revolucion

HAVANA TIMES – The presidents of Cuba, Nicaragua and Bolivia, Raul Castro, Daniel Ortega and Evo Morales, celebrated today the “great victory” of the Venezuelan government in Sunday’s regional elections, which granted the ruling party 17 governor’s seats against five of the opposition, reported dpa news.

Cuban President Raul Castro congratulated Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on the results of the regional elections, which he considered an example of a “democratic vocation”.

“I congratulate you on the results of the state elections. Venezuela has given another great lesson of peace, a democratic vocation, courage and dignity,” Castro wrote to Maduro.

“Always count on the support and solidarity of Cuba,” Castro said in a brief message posted on the website of the Cuban Foreign Ministry.

In his message sent to Maduro, Daniel Ortega expressed his “deep revolutionary joy” over the electoral result, which in his view ratified the “exemplary model of protagonist democracy” in Venezuela.

He added that this “feat” was made possible by the “heroism and spiritual greatness” of Chavismo in the face of the “bloody economic, political, media and cultural war” against the Maduro government.

“Having won these elections with absolute clarity allows the world to recognize once again the infinite human quality of the Venezuelan people and the indisputable capacity of its president, Brother Nicolas, and the party that represents dignity, freedom, respect for sovereignty, and the just and prosperous future that Venezuela continues to build,” said Ortega.

Meanwhile, Bolivian President Evo Morales said today that “peace” triumphed in the gubernatorial elections held on Sunday in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, presided over by his colleague and friend Nicolas Maduro.

Daniel Ortega, Nicolas Maduro and Evo Morales. File Photo: Federico Parra / AFP

“Venezuela triumphed with peace in the face of violence, the people triumphed against the empire. Luis Almagro (Secretary General of the OAS) lost along with his boss (Donald) Trump,” Morales said on Twitter.

The Venezuelan opposition rejected the figures offered by the National Electoral Council (CNE) as a result of “a cheating system that represents the abusive control of those who hold power and whose results do not reflect reality.”

Last Saturday, the opposition Democratic Mesa Mesa (MUD) accused Ortega and his wife Rosario Murillo, vice president of Nicaragua, of being “Maduro’s main advisers” for “organizing electoral frauds.”

In a press release, the MUD denounced the presence in Venezuela of a group of Nicaraguans “experts in fraud techniques” who would have traveled to Caracas with that apparent mission.

During Election Day on Sunday, the opposition denounced sudden changes in the location of many voting stations, a technique known as “mad mouse” and used frequently in Nicaragua to disorient opposition voters.

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