Castro Says US Backs Honduras Coup

by Circles Robinson

HAVANA TIMES, July 17 – Former Cuban President Fidel Castro accused the US Department of State on Thursday of supporting the military coup in Honduras that toppled President Manuel Zelaya.

In one of his frequent newspaper columns, Castro said the negotiations in Costa Rica are a ploy by Washington to give time to the coup leaders to consolidate their position.

Welcome to Honduras
Welcome to Honduras - photo: Luis Miranda

Fidel Castro further noted that the Soto Cano military base -which belongs to the US- is the principal point of support for the coup.  The facility is located 100 kilometers from the Honduran capital Tegucigalpa.

The next round of talks mediated by Costa Rican President Oscar Arias is scheduled to take place on Saturday.  Meanwhile, President Zelaya has said he plans to enter Honduras via an undisclosed point.

Fidel’s Castros full commentary on the Honduras situation: What Should Be Demanded of the United States.


Approximately 100 activists of the Nicaraguan Social Movement blocked all commercial activity on the Nicaraguan-Honduran border for over four hours on Thursday.

The action was part of a series of border closures carried out by civic groups in the other Central American countries in support of the resistance in Honduras to the June 28th military coup.  The organizers said the blocking of commerce is geared to up the pressure on the business people involved in the coup.

With protests escalating inside Honduras the de facto government of Roberto Micheletti has reinstated a curfew to try and hamper public demonstrations supporting Zelaya.

We demand the return of President Manuel Zelaya
Protestors blocked the Nicaraguan/Honduran border - photo: Luis Miranda

Social activists blocked the Nicaraguan-Honduran border.
We demand the return of President Manuel Zelaya - photo Luis Miranda

Let’s globalize anti-imperialist solidarity.
Let’s globalize anti-imperialist solidarity - photo: Luis Miranda

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  • My sister sent me an Email from Toronto she is flying back to Cuba (probably there now) and i shared this with her. She emailed me back, but the language will not be posted here 🙁 It was some real tuff stuff
    Basically she said I TOLD YOU SO!! She went on to say (my words) that Barak was a coward and that he will meet his fork in the road yikes!! She never believed after his show of hands that he was serious.. She believes he is the biggest fake since Madoff, and that it will be a cold day in Miami, in July before Fidel Castro, bows down. My sister is one of a kind, a woman who risked all to return to Cuba illegally and I am afraid that she will not be coming back. She believes that she should be at home when or if the embargo is removed
    So that u all know, we are twins, but different as day and night in our politics. Milagros, is a Tiger Woods type go for the kill where I am like Obama, slow and easy. However, I now know she was right. I just am not ready to see her leave


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