Castro Urges Youth to Wage “Economic Battle”

HAVANA TIMES, April 5 — Cuban President Raúl Castro urged the members of the Young Communist League (UJC) to work in the “economic battle”, because “the sustainability and preservation of our social system depends” on it.  When closing the 9th Congress of that organization, Castro mentioned problems such as insufficient agricultural production, corruption, inflated payrolls and lack of labor force as some of the challenges facing the country, reported IPS.

See Raul Castro’s full speech.

One thought on “Castro Urges Youth to Wage “Economic Battle”

  • W/o the necessary, vital material inputs, it is doubly/triply/quadruply hard to fall back on only the resources of the organized human mentality. Most people just can’t get past the basic, almost animal, fixation on the immediate situation & the immediately concrete return. A society which can organize the mass of the population to deal with material adversity in an intelligent & systematic manner is far ahead of the game, in today’s barbaric nuclear World.

    But obviously, Cuba is having big problems reaching that goal, under half a century of subversion & brutal economic sabotage. Still — you do what you can. Too bad so many people cannot get onside with this, because they don’t “see” the ‘more immediate advantage’. Because there *is no* ‘more immediate advantage’: only the more abstract, distant material goal… But what is the proper choice, really? Fleeing to Miami? To get big, fat crumbs dropped from the table of World imperialism..?

    That is the choice of fools.

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