Armandito el Tintorero

HAVANA TIMES — Of the many choices of things to do and discover while visiting Cuba, numerous readers express interest in attending a Cuban baseball game. This year’s season just began a little over a week ago and there will be games for the rest of the 2015 and into 2016.

Here is the schedule for September and October, courtesy of

The home teams are listed first.

Photos by Juan Suarez




10 thoughts on “Catching a Baseball Game in Cuba

  • I wonder what the world class baseball team in Yankee Stadium think about that team from Toronto – in Canada! Oh and we too have urinals that flush.

  • There is even a team in Toronto, but I think I detect a degree of bias in some of the comments.
    Regarding Moses’ concern about shade, in our city the crowd moves around with the shade from the sun as the day progresses – to get their 2 pesos’ worth.

  • Oh, hell no! 😉

  • Moses, go to Yankee Stadium if you want to see luxury and a world class baseball
    team! Cuba will someday excel but the SanFranciso Giants lost it when Willie
    Mays came to the Mets in 1972! It will always be the NY Giants but hey, the urinals flush!

  • There’s nothing sadder than an empty ballpark. IC, change you’re allegiance to the best
    baseball franchise in the history of the game, the NY YANKEES!! You’ll be the happiest
    Floridian ever!

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