Catholic Agencies Offer Aid to Cuba

HAVANA TIMES — Caritas International and Catholic Relief Services of the United States have offered aid to Cuba in the face of the massive damage inflicted by Hurricane Sandy, said the Conference of Bishops on Thursday, reported AFP.

According to the executive secretary of the Conference, priest Jose Felix Perez, “We already have offers of help from Caritas International and Catholic Relief Services, and other countries and some bishoprics” abroad.

The Conference’s spokesperson said the offers have been accepted by the Cuban Bishops Conference, whose Standing Committee held a meeting on Wednesday in Havana and discussed the “catastrophe” caused by Sandy, following reports by the bishops from Santiago de Cuba and Holguin.

According to the Archbishop, 85 percent of the churches of Santiago de Cuba were damaged by the hurricane, however, “It would be desirable to be able to get permission to import especially building materials, which are currently lacking in Cuba.” He added, “This is not only thinking of church buildings but to help people.”

2 thoughts on “Catholic Agencies Offer Aid to Cuba

  • RE: Socialists not coming to the aid of Cuba.

    Cuba can expect help from Venezuela if required. Certainly no help will come from your country. It won’t even help its own people. And what are we to think of you, supporting the economic blockade without pause whilst there is an emergency? I’ll leave applicable words to readers’ imagination.

    Using your words, you “rant and rave” in defence of US policy, refusing to “come to the rescue in times of real and immediate need.”

    RE” “tainted icon Fidel”.

    I just had a look at the list of 10 US presidents since Fidel has been in power. ‘Tainted’ is too mild of a word to apply to any of them. Two were sex addicts and all of them have a massive amount of blood on their hands. Perhaps ‘pervert’ and ‘psychopath’ are good terms to use.

    RE: equating Catholicism with capitalism.

    You need to read more. The principles of Catholicism equate more with socialism, as did the figure it idolizes. The Liberation Theology Movement came out of these principles. Capitalism went out of its way to wipe it off the map, of course, as it’s trying to do in Cuba. Aristide comes from this tradition and the US got rid of him.

    The church, however, habitually accommodates itself to whoever is in power whenever it can, with Henry VIII being a notable exception.

    RE: “cooperative gobbledy-gook” and “crap” that “sounds nice in the abstract.”

    It’s been obvious for some time that articles and comments on HT many times challenge your abilities at comprehension. Most folks know when they are out of their depth, others do not.

  • It is interested to note that when push comes to shove, is not the socialists who rant and rave in defense of their tainted icon Fidel that come to the rescue in times of real and immediate need. Rather, it appears that the villified Catholic (insert capitalist here) Church who is willing to let bygones be bygones and meet the actual needs of the people. How does that tranformationist modern cooperative gobbledy-gook plan to feed the people? That crap sounds nice in the abstract, but Cubans will need rice, boniato and plantanos.

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