Catholic Church to Publish Essays by Cuban Reformers

HAVANA TIMES — The Catholic magazine Espacio Laical presented a new book consisting of articles that discuss key sociopolitical issues such as democracy, a multiparty system, and constitutional and political reforms in Cuba.

The book — launched at the Father Felix Varela Cultural Center in Havana on Monday — is titled Por un consenso para la democracia (For a Consensus for Democracy) and includes works by authors of varying political and spiritual perspectives; among these writers are Roberto Veiga, Julio Cesar Guanche, Armando Chaguaceda, Mario Castillo, Monsignor Carlos Manuel de Cespedes and Dmitri Prieto.

During the packed meeting, prizes were also conferred in the Casa Cuba essay contest. Among those awarded was ex-diplomat Pedro Campos, who is the founder of the independent “Participatory and Democratic Socialism” platform.