Charlie Crist Goes on Record Against Cuba Embargo

Charlie Crist. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES – The Democratic candidate for governor of Florida, Charlie Crist, said in public during his recent visit to the neighborhood of Little Havana in Miami, that “we must end the US trade embargo on Cuba,” AP reported.

Crist said that “if you really care about the people on the island, we have to settle the embargo and let freedom reign”, he said as a group of hecklers cried “shame.”

According to the news item, Democrats sense that there is a new attitude of the Cuban newcomers and second generation Cuban-Americans who favor renewed diplomatic relations with the island.

Crist is a former Republican governor who once said that he would only go to Cuba “when it is free”. Now is accused of betraying the Cuban community in Florida.

4 thoughts on “Charlie Crist Goes on Record Against Cuba Embargo

  • Cubans can travel back and forth but “Americans’ can’t.
    The embargo is on US.

    i mean.. we do trade with other Communist countries.. don’t we?
    Appears to me .. they have freedom.. who was Mr. Christ talking to..non-cubans??
    i’m confused!!!

  • Two wrongs don’t make a right. Those who support freedom dislike all dictators including Fidel Castro Ruz, Batista, Kim Jung Un, Robert Mugabe, Raul Castro Ruz. Bashar Asad. Pinochet and others. Freedom is counter to the concept of dictatorship whether of the left or right. There are those of us who support the idea of opportunity for the people of Cuba to have human rights as defined by the United Nations, freedom of the media, freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. Obviously that is counter to those who support left wing dictatorships such as the one in power in Cuba. Our choice is clear and in our view is counter to both the Castro regime and that of Batista. It is insulting to suggest to anyone of reasonable intelliigence that the only two alternatives are the two proposed by Analyser. Time to include all alternatives in the analysis!

  • How reassuring that at least one American can talk sense. Sadly his suggestions are likely to fall on deaf, infantile orientated ears.
    As for the so called ‘Castro Regime’, the continued propaganda activists nonsense does start to wear somewhat thin. Hardly worth commenting on.
    Perhaps a return to the Batista regime might satisfy these individuals who thrive on oppressing people.

  • End the embargo – YES
    But Crist can only be joking when he says with regard to Cuba: “Let freedom reign”.
    There is absolutely no chance of the Castro regime allowing freedom in Cuba whether it be freedom of speech, freedom of the media, freedom to protest or freedom to walk the streets of Havana with your wife without hindrance by the State Police!

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