Chavez in Cuba for Medical Exams

Raul Castro welcomes Hugo Chavez to Cuba for medical exams. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES, Oct. 17 — Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez arrived in Havana on Sunday night for medical exams that are far from routine.

Cuba’s chief political and economic ally wants to know whether four sessions of chemotherapy eradicated any trace of the cancer which led to his June operation to extract a tumor in his “pelvic area”.

The chemo was appled three times in Cuba and once in Venezuela.

Chavez was met at the Jose Marti International Airport by Cuban President Raul Castro.

Chavez was accompanied by his country’s Minister of Health, Eugenia Sadar, Minister of Agriculture, Juan Carlos Loyo and Ricardo Menéndez, a vice president and Minister of Science and Technology.

The Venezuelan leader is hoping for a green light from doctors on his recuperation.  He plans to run for reelection in Oct. 2012.