Chavez in Cuba, Supporters Rally in Caracas

By Circles Robinson

Rally for Hugo Chavez in Caracas. Photo: AVN

HAVANA TIMES — Ailing Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was unable to attend his inauguration Thursday in Caracas but thousands of his supporters showed up at a rally to show support for their recently reelected leader.

They wanted Chavez to know that his Bolivarian Revolution will continue on track and they are hopeful that he will recover and be able to continue as its supreme leader.

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Meanwhile, Chavez remains in his Havana hospital where he has been receiving care since December 11. On that day he underwent his fourth cancer operation in a year and a half, all in the same “pelvic region” (the only description provided). This time he has suffered a setback in his recovery due to an acute breathing deficiency.

Several Latin American presidents and other top officials were also on hand in Caracas to show their support for the person they consider a regional leader but who has not been seen or heard from in the month since his operation.

Chavez supporter during his successful reelection campaign. Photo: Caridad

Cuban VP Miguel Diaz-Canel told the sea of Chavez devotees that “we Cubans support our brothers and sisters of Venezuela,” reported TeleSur TV. He added that pro-US opposition “doesn’t want to admit” that Chavez just won his reelection (October 7). The VP recalled that “Venezuela is a key country in the building of Latin American integration.”

Uruguayan leader Jose Mujica said, “if tomorrow President Chavez isn’t around, the people must by united in peace and effort.” He observed that in the huge pro-Chavez rally in Caracas there were “many feelings that words can’t express,” noted TeleSur.

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, whose government is extremely dependent on assistance from Venezuela, warned those at the rally what could happen if they fail to defend their constitution and government headed by Hugo Chavez.

“I come from a bloodied region. Hundreds of thousands of Latin Americans gave their lives in this battle,” said Ortega, as he praised Chavez for attaining power through peaceful means.

Bolivian President Evo Morales also spoke to the crowd gathered before Miraflores Palace, the place where Chavez usually gives his energetic speeches. He described as “enviable” the number of people gathered in defense of the Bolivarian Revolution (which takes its name from the South American independence leader Simon Bolivar).

Morales said the best tribute that can be given to Hugo Chavez is “people’s anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist unity.”



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5 thoughts on “Chavez in Cuba, Supporters Rally in Caracas

  • Cort,

    Did you bother to read the links? This is not some minor bit of petty corruption here. But I thank you for underlining my point that on the Left, all things are forgiven in the name of solidarity.

  • “Whoever expects a “pure” social revolution will never live to see it. Such a person pays lip-service to revolution without understanding what revolution is.” Lenin

    Granted the comandante’s of Sandinistas made many mistakes and we all have made them, even us Marxists.
    Also I was not thrilled with many who were on the stage and have been openly critical of many policies but have you considered who you are in bed with by some of the your stances of the last few days that are similar to the escuálido’s , the vicious US right wing and imperialism in general.

    I would have not voted for Ortega but he was elected many times by his own people.


  • I fail to see how the presence of Daniel Ortega can be seen as “supportive”. How is it Daniel Ortega is even welcomed into society, considering the disgusting and highly credible accusations against him from his own step-daughter? Ah, but on the Left, all crimes are forgiven in the name of “solidarity”.

  • The disunited and in disarray opposition has called for a demo on January 23rd also.

    A popular saying now on the streets is: Si vienen con un 11 le saldremos con un 13 repotenciado. [Referring to the short lived coup of April 11-13, 2002]

  • Looks like the opposition who also went to the OAS this week saying Venezuela’s government was in violation of its own consititution and the OAS freedom charter lost out again hands down.

    The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), José Miguel Insulza, said in press statements that the hemispheric body “fully respects, how could it be otherwise, the decision of the Venezuela’s constitutional powers over the inauguration of the President of that country. ” “The issue has been resolved by the three branches of government of Venezuela: it raised the Executive, the Legislature considered, and solved the Judiciary. Game, set and match…

    Even though some of the depraved opposition say they will head to the streets and called a strike, they have little support and may like what happens if they try.

    Rojo Rojito

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