Chavez Is Improving, Says Minister

Hugo Chavez
Hugo Chavez

HAVANA TIMES — With his respiratory infection now under control, Hugo Chavez is recovering favorably from his latest bout with cancer, said Venezuelan Minister of Communications and Information, Ernesto Villegas, on Sunday.

Nevertheless, he noted that Chavez is still undergoing ¨specific measures for the solution of his insufficient breathing.”

There was no mention of whether subsequent actions to be taken to fight his cancer would involve chemotherapy or radiation therapy, as was necessary following the his previous procedures to remove malignant material.

The president has not been seen or heard from since his December 11 operation in Havana. This was the fourth time since June 2011 that Chavez has traveled to Cuba for surgery.

The following is the statement by the Venezuelan government on the health of their president.


Despite his poor health after complex surgery this past December 11, his overall clinical evolution has been favorable over the last several days.

The president continues to strictly comply with his medical treatment. The respiratory infection is controlled, although the commander-president still requires specific measures for addressing his insufficient breathing.

The president is aware and in contact with his family, his political team and with the attending team of physicians in order to keep abreast of relevant information.

On the eve of the celebration of the “Divina Pastora” procession, the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela invites Venezuelan families to join in prayer to the patron saint of Barquisimeto to fill our country with peace and happiness.

Long live Chavez!

Caracas, January 13, 2013

5 thoughts on “Chavez Is Improving, Says Minister

  • You see! You don’t side with a Latin American nationalist vis-a-vis the US super-power. You line up against him. It’s hard to believe you are genuine.

  • Where is the photo of him sitting with Raul or Fidel?

  • Best wishes, Hugo. I hope you regain your health and are able to serve out you six-year term.

    I don’t understand why the US people believe the US government’s characterization of you as a dictator and an enemy of the US. Your policies, your “21st Century Socialism,” is merely European-style Social Democracy.

  • I would appreciate if one of HT readers who genuinely supports the Chavez regime would explain to me why Chavez refuses to disclose the specifics regarding his pelvic cancer. Also, why the use of evasive terminology such as “specific measures for addressing his insufficient breathing”? Why not just say that Chavez is on a respirator? When Ronald Reagan was shot, I remember the news reports using a drawing of where the bullet entered the President, what kind of gun, etc. Sharing these details limits the public’s tendency to invent rumors. I would genuinely welcome hearing the rationale behind what seems to me to be intentional evasive gobbledy-gook.

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