Chavez Makes Surprise Return to Venezuela

Foto released on Friday of Chavez reading Cuba’s official Granma newspaper with his daughters in his Havana hospital.

HAVANA TIMES — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, announced today via his Twitter page that he has returned to Caracas after receiving treatment for cancer in Cuba, reported DPA news.

“I have returned to the Venezuelan homeland. Thank God!! Thank you beloved people! I will continue the treatment here,” he wrote.

Chavez, 58, underwent surgery in Cuba on December 11 for the fourth time to extract cancerous matter and since then had no direct contact with the country. In fact, he was unable to be sworn in for the 2013-2019 term, for which he was elected last October 7.

However, last Friday the government released from Havana the first photographs of the president since his operation, in which he appeared convalescing with his daughters, smiling and reading the official Cuban newspaper, the “Granma”.

It was also reported that the president has trouble speaking because of the use of a tracheal cannula, through which he breathes.

Using his Twitter account for the first time since his operation, Chavez wrote: “Thanks to Fidel, Raul and all of Cuba! Thanks to Venezuela for so much love!” He added: “I still cling to Christ and trust in my doctors and nurses. Onward to victory!  I’ll Live and overcome!”

Diosdado Cabello, president of The Venezuelan National Assembly, informed that the plane that brought Chavez home landed at 2:30 a.m. local time on Monday.

Cabello said on Twitter that the president is in the Carlos Arvelo Military Hospital.

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  • Take a minute and check your facts. It is the US that reduced purchases of Venezuelan oil. As a result, Chavez went to the Chinese so that they could ‘steal’ the peoples oil. He has given them a sweetheart deal in exchange for a line of credit. The deal favors the Chinese in that they take the oil today at a low fixed cost per barrel and when Chavez draws down on the line and oil prices are higher (which they will be) he loses money. Maybe you think getting screwed by a fellow socialist is any better than being screwed by a capitalist?

  • awesome i hope he gets better , anyone with the guts to tell gw bush the way it is is good with me . oh and he does good by his people . he wil not let our usa oil companys steal the peoples oil . hes a great president . al the best sir and may you get well soon .

  • A report from the Spanish paper ABC has it that Chavez has not been sent home to recover, but that his doctors have given up all hope. Chavez is going home to die on Venezuelan soil. ABC has sometimes been correct in their Chavez rumours, and sometimes wrong. We shall soon see which.

    But in either case, he is in no way ready to resume work anytime soon.

  • That Hugo has had to undergo so many operations to remove what seems to metastasized ( spread through the body) cancers, does not bode well for his long term prognosis.
    I wish him well but more important than any one individual is the legacy he leaves to his successor(s) and his people.

    This also relates to the eventual deaths of Fidel and Raul and the fate of the revolution they started and then stagnated.

  • On behalf of naysayers worldwide who, because of the lack of information provided, gave some credence to the possibility that Chavez may have already died and that the Castros were just up to their old tricks, I just want to say…Chavez is still being treated for the same unspecified cancer that has not been eradicated after FOUR surgeries. A year (or less) from now, what difference will it have made that we were wrong?

  • Wonder what the naysayers and those that had the president in the grave now say but their mouths are probably full from eating crow.

    Rojo Rojito


    President Chavez is back in Venezuela

    Written by Hands Off VenezuelaMonday, 18 February 2013

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez returned to Venezuela in the early this Monday, February 18th, after completing the first part of his post operatory recovery in Havana Cuba, where he underwent surgery on December 11.

    He announced his return on his Twitter account in two messages in which he also expressed his gratitude to the Cuban people, Cuban president Raul Castro and Fidel Castro.

    The international media had kept up a constant campaign of lies and misinformation about the president’s health. A particularly disgusting role has been played by the Spanish paper ABC and its “journalist” Emili J Blasco which on two occasions published “reports” quoting from “sources in the medical team” to the effect that Chávez was in a coma and about to be disconnected (“which would result in death”) and then that his family had already been told that “he would never recover”.

    The indecent haste of a particular section of the mass media to get rid of president Chávez is a reflection of how much they hate what he represents: the Bolivarian revolution, the extraordinary social conquests achieved in Venezuela, the stated aim of going towards socialism and a firm stance in opposition to US imperialist meddling in Latin America.

    To them we say, louder than ever: Hands Off Venezuela!

    For updated news and analysis about the Bolivarian revolution follow Hands off Venezuela on the web (, Facebook ( and Twitter (

  • Excellent news!

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