Chavez out of the Operating Room

HAVANA TIMES — Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez fourth operation to fight cancer in the “pelvic region”, concluded Monday night with satisfactory results noted TeleSur TV.  With many Venezuelans and Latin Americans praying for success, VP Nicolas Maduro made the announcement.

“Fortunately our great leader has once again demonstrated his strength”, said Maduro from the government headquarters in Caracas.

“Today, we have lived moments of concern, moments of accompaniment and prayer with our commander and president, Hugo Chavez,” said Maduro.

The VP called on “the opposition and the enemies of the country to cease their venom and hate for our commandante.”

Maduro thanked all those who had made known their support and caring for President Chavez both in Venezuela and internationally.

Before returning on the weekend to Cuba for the new operation Chavez designated Maduro as his successor and urged Venezuelans to support him if he (Chavez) could not carry out another term in office.  He was reelected on October 7th.


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