Chavez Reappears on Cuba TV with Fidel

Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez looking at Granma newspaper. Photo: Estudios Revolucion

HAVANA TIMES, June 29 — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez made a new appearance on Cuba TV on Tuesday accompanied by family members and former Cuban President Fidel Castro.

Chavez is recovering from surgery in Havana on June 10 for a pelvic abscess.

The official website Cubadebate reported this evening that more information about the reappearance of the Venezuelan president will be forthcoming in the midday news program Wednesday on Cuban television.

Chavez, 56, and Castro, 85, reminisced about past occasions but no details were given, reported the website.

The video appears to act to counter speculation in Venezuela about the health of Chavez, who hopes to return to Caracas in time for a regional summit that opens on July 5th, the Venezuelan bicentennial of independence from Spain.

Chavez’s detractors back home continue to demand more information about his health. Some believe VP Elias Jaua should be running the country until the president is fully recovered, instead of his calling the shots from Cuba.