Chavez Recovery on Course, says gov.

HAVANA TIMES — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez continues to recover from his last cancer surgery satisfactorily, informed the Minister of Communication, Ernesto Villegas on Thursday.

The following is the official press release issued by the government of Venezuela:

Press Release

Consistent with the duty to inform the Venezuelan people and the peoples of the world about the evolution of the state of health of the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, additional medical information from Havana is being presented in relation to the results of the surgery and the current condition of Commander Hugo Chavez.

Currently the patient is progressively and favorably recovering his normal vital signs.

This recovery process, however, requires a reasonable amount of time due both to the complexity of the procedure performed and complications that arose during surgery (these consisted of bleeding that required corrective action to allow its proper control).

In so far as the positive developments continue — which are beginning to become evident — the application of additional specific treatment is foreseen to assist in the full recuperation of the patient’s health.

With this information, the Bolivarian government hopes to convey the message of calm and hope to all people of good will, in different corners of the nation and around the world, who are directing their prayers and good wishes for the speedy and satisfactory improvement Commander Chavez.

Viva Chavez!

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  • After every surgery and every treatment, the propaganda machine supporting Chavez has put out the same positive spin. The Venezuelan people deserve to hear the truth.

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