Chavez “Stable” with Breathing Problems

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. File Photo by Caridad

HAVANA TIMES — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez remains “stable” as he continues to be treated for breathing difficulties resulting in the post-operation phase of his December 11 cancer surgery in Havana, informed the government on Monday evening.

In an attempt to combat rumors of Chavez deteriorating heath, three days before his inauguration date, Minister of Communications Ernesto Villegas said the president is receiving “around the clock, rigorous treatment” by his medical team in Cuba.

Chavez won reelection with 55% of the vote on October 7th and was scheduled to be sworn in for another term this Thursday. VP Nicolas Maduro has taken charge of most government matters since the president’s operation.

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4 thoughts on “Chavez “Stable” with Breathing Problems

  • I assumed “permanent treatment” referred to the creation of a waxen figure after Lenin’s Tomb or Mao’s Mausoleum. All part of that Marxist necromancy thing.

  • Thanks for the heads up, we made a change. It now reads: around the clock, rigorous treatment.

  • What does permanent treatment mean? Is this something poorly translated or does this imply a treatment that will continue for the rest of Chavez’ life? What is the common thread that connects communists strongmen wh have suffered from fatal or near-fatal illnesses and the whole “let’s keep a secret” thing? Ignoring the constitution is likely a slippery slope. Once the January 10 date is ignored as a swearing-in date, other constitutional restrictions will be more easily ignored. Venezuelans take heed. As Thomas Jefferson noted “The government you elect is government you deserve.”

  • What we see played out here is a regime ruled by octogenarians, with one foot in the grave, working to keep a terminally ill cancer patient in office. This represents a new and unusual form of government: the necrogarchy.

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