Chavez to Cuba for More Radiotherapy

Hugo Chavez. Photo: Venezuelan government.

HAVANA TIMES, March 31 — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez returns to Cuba on Saturday to begin a second round of radiotherapy in his battle to defeat cancer.

Chavez had returned to Caracas three days ago after his first treatment sessions in Havana, at the same hospital where he had cancerous tumors removed in June 2011 and February 2012.

The charismatic leader also received several sessions of Chemotherapy in Cuba after the first operation.

Chavez has recognized that he is fighting two battles at the same time, one for life, and the other for his reelection in the October presidential elections.


2 thoughts on “Chavez to Cuba for More Radiotherapy

  • The requirement that Doctors in Venezuela basically donate thirty hours a week to the public system or lose their medical license is not popular with Doctors in the country. Socialized Medicine and wealth redistribution have forced MDs in Venezuela to work for less than a CNA would make in the U.S.. He would never come out from under anesthesia at any hospital or clinic in Venezuela.

  • Radiotherapy in the US is typically administered by highly-skilled medical technicians. An attending physician is typically not required to participate in this treatment as it does not involve diagnostic skills. Can anyone explain why Chavez needs to travel to Cuba for this treatment. The whole world now knows he has cancer and is being treated. Where is the need for secrecy at this point? Does oil-rich Venezuela lack either the facilities or the technical know how or both to administer this treatment to Chavez in Venezuela? Finally, imagine the additional cost associated with flying Chavez and his entourage to Cuba once a week for this treatment. Wouldn’t it be easier and cheaper to fly the cuban medical staff to Venezuela? Am I just not getting something or does this seem like someone is trying to pull a fast one here.?

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