Chavez to Cuba for Round 4 of Chemo

Hugo Chavez. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES, Sept. 17 — Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez travels to Cuba on Saturday afternoon to begin his fourth round of chemotherapy on Sunday.  (See video).

Chavez told the press: “Today they are going to run some tests and early tomorrow I will begin the fourth cycle of chemotherapy.  What’s most likely is that this will be the last round.”

Cubadebate website said that Chavez will travel to Cuba accompanied by his medical team.

Chavez said he hopes to return to Caracas by mid-week. “I don’t think I’ll be more than five days.”

The Venezuelan leader had a cancerous tumor removed back in June in Havana.  It was never revealed exactly what type of cancer it was.  He has since undergone two rounds of Chemo in Cuba and a third in Venezuela.

Chavez has repeatedly said his treatment would not affect his campaign for reelection in the October 2012 presidential vote.

Bolivian President Evo Morales met with Chavez on Saturday in Caracas and he will also travel to Havana, possibly with Chavez.

Evo, who will make an official visit, is scheduled to meet with Raul Castro on Sunday.  Chavez said he would be seeing both Fidel and Raul Castro during his days in Cuba.