Chavez to Cuba for Round Two of Chemo

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES, August 5 — In the grips of what he has called a “battle for life”, Venezuelan President travels to Cuba over the weekend for the second session of chemotherapy treatment, reported on Saturday.

Chavez returned to Venezuela on July 23rd after a first bout with Chemotherapy in Cuba, the place where he had a cancerous tumor removed on June 20.

The charismatic leader has had to tone down his activities while back in Venezuela but has shown himself to be clearly in charge of the country.  He also noted that his candidacy for reelection will not be hampered by his treatment and recovery.

Chavez assured that no new cancerous cells have been found in tests he has undergone.  His new treatment could begin on Monday.

Before leaving for Havana he requested and received permission from the National Assembly to be absent from the country for more than five days.

He thanked the legislators – both the pro government and opposition forces – for voting to allow him to travel and said he expects to return very soon to Caracas.


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