Chavez Upbeat from Cuba, Thanks God and the Virgin

Fidel Castro with Hugo Chavez in Havana in the days following the Venezuelan president's new surgery. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES, March 4 — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez spoke to his country from Havana on Sunday indicating that the new tumor removed from his “pelvic region” was cancerous but that it hasn’t spread to any organs.

“Thanks to God, the virgin and the saints and all the support from medical science, Fidel and Raul”, said Chavez, claiming he is once again on the road to a speedy recovery.

Chavez, 57, told the Venezolana TV station that he wasn’t surprised by the new smaller tumor resulting cancerous. The operation took place last Monday.

He said that new sessions of radiotherapy would now be needed but that the recuperation from the operation would be faster than when he had a large tumor removed last June.

The president thanked the presidents from Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Argentina for their phone calls.

Chavez also used the broadcast to express his support for the embattled president of Syria, Bashar Al Assad.  He said the same formula involving “armed mercenaries” that toppled Libyan President Muammar Al Gaddaffi is now being applied in Syria.

“From here we send our message of solidarity with President Bashar Al Assad and the Syrian people,” said Chavez.

Chavez is up for reelection this coming October.  He is Cuba’s leading political ally and under his presidency Venezuela became the island’s top trade partner.