Chavez Visits Raul and Fidel Castro

HAVANA TIMES, April 10 – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez made an unannounced visit to Cuba early Friday on his way back from China. He told the press he plans to meet with both Fidel and Raul Castro to discuss the upcoming summit of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA), to take place on April 16 in Caracas.

The meeting of leaders or their representatives from ALBA member countries —Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, Honduras, Nicaragua and Dominica—, is seen as a strategy session to organize for the 5th Americas Summit that opens the following day in nearby Trinidad and Tobago.

The Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas, known by its Spanish acronym ALBA, is a regional integration effort. It stresses fraternity among sister nations, solidarity, mutually beneficial trade and social development.

The Americas Summit (April 17-19) will be US President Obama’s first meeting with Latin American and Caribbean leaders. The only country excluded from the Trinidad and Tobago summit is Cuba.

2 thoughts on “Chavez Visits Raul and Fidel Castro

  • I agree why is Cuba not going to be there? And as an American how democratic is it that I cannot go and visit Cuba? Why not? Is it not time for forgiveness and moving forward? After these last eight years after all the crap we did under pres. Cheney, we now know he was really running the country, I feel we have alot of nerve not to be forgiving anyone. I am so looking forward to the Latin Summits I fell in love with the G20 summit. I love President Chavez but he must stop being so mean spirited especially to the US. We do not need this right now and after eight years of nothing but mean spiritness trust me when I tell you we are tired! And President Chavez does not have to go there he is much loved by many in the US including me but just for a minute can and will he show why he is loved by many as a ruler by not being mean and devisive but working with other rulers to come up with solutions for this very global mess we are in and being mean and talking smack is not going to cut it and the reason I loved the G20 so much was that the leaders were not fighting or arguing and they made it fun. (Okay I know Sarkosy but that is just him) I cannot wait to see the fashions of the first wives of the Latin rulers if there is one thing I know about Hispanic women they can dress their tails off So First Lady Michele do us proud and remember Hispanic women don’t play unlike the G20 first wives who dressed like someone told them they were not going to be on the world stage. And I know that CNN is not running this Summit as “Drug Nations?” for their coverage of the summits. WTFudge? I do not like that!

  • It is disgusting that Cuba is excluded from the Americas Summit. Why are Latin American countries putting up with this? The nation of Cuba has demonstrated for over 50 years how to deal with bullies. Unfortunately the others continue to be colonial minded…for shame!!!

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