Chile Attentive on the Political Prisoners in Nicaragua

Says Foreign Minister Antonia Urrejola

By 100% Noticias

HAVANA TIMES – The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Chile, Antonia Urrejola, assured that she remains attentive to the situation in Nicaragua, especially the condition of political prisoners. She also reiterated that the solution to the socio-political crisis requires the support of the international community.

“Yes, yes, indeed both President Boric and I as foreign minister have released statements and we are very attentive to the situation in Nicaragua and especially the situation of the political prisoners. We are very concerned about their health situation and the isolated confinement in which they are. I think that vis-à-vis for the international community, the situation of the political prisoners is a priority,” said Urrejola to Nicaragua Actual during the ceremony in which the new President of Costa Rica, Rodrigo Chaves, took office.

Regarding the expulsion and closure of the offices of the Organization of American States (OAS) in Managua, the Chilean foreign minister regretted that Daniel Ortega’s regime chose the path of international isolation.

“For some time now, Nicaragua has been isolating itself from the international community both in multilateral forums as well as in its bilateral relations in the region, which is very unfortunate. I am convinced that any solution to the crisis requires the support of the international community, it requires dialogue. Isolation is the worst thing and those who lose out are always the people,” she expressed.

Regarding the OAS Charter, Urrejola pointed out that, although Ortega withdrew his ambassador to the regional organization it does not exempt him from commitments until the terms ends.

“There is still a period that must continue. Beyond the [withdrawal] announcement made by President Ortega, the OAS Charter has a term and so the Inter-American Commission, the Court, for example, continue to have jurisdiction with respect to the events that occur until the expiration of its membership in the OAS, regardless of a unilateral declaration. On the other hand it is still part of the United Nations and I expect that in that way the international community can also continue to monitor the situation,” she stressed.

When finishing, Urrejola pointed out that Chile has an ambassador in Managua: “We have an ambassador in Managua who has been there quite some time, he is still there for now, but we will have to see,” she said.


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