Chilean Student Leader Camila Vallejo Visiting Havana

Camila Vallejo. Foto:

HAVANA TIMES, April 4 — Student leader Camila Vallejo arrived in Havana on Monday with leaders of the Communist Youth of Chile. The delegation was invited for the celebrations on the 50th anniversary of Cuba’s Young Communist League.

According to an AFP report, on Tuesday Vallejo described as “contradictory” what is said in Chile about “the repression of the Cuban people” when contrasting “Cuban police practices to those in Chile.”

“I don’t want to hide the legitimate discontent felt by certain sectors of Cuban society with regard to the political and social system here. We were able to hear criticisms about these during our previous visit to the island in 2009,” said the 23-year-old communist activist.

In recent months Vallejo, along with thousands of other young Chileans, took part in staging protests in support of free and quality public university education in her country.

In Havana, she presented her book Podemos Cambiar el mundo (We Can Change the World).

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  • it is very good to be comunist in a capitalist country
    the hard thing is to be a communist in a communist country
    i’d like to see her living in cuba for only 3 mounth and then we will see if she likes it

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