Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang Vists Cuba on June 25

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Wang Yang
Wang Yang

HAVANA TIMES – Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang will arrive in Cuba on June 25, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said on Friday. From Havana, Wang will go on to Brasília, to attend a China-Brazil Coordination Committee meeting.

Wang’s visit to Cuba comes at the invitation of Cuba’s Vice President of the Council of Ministers Ricardo Cabrisas.

During his one-day stay, Wang will hold talks with Cabrisas, meet with other Cuban leaders, and exchange views on bilateral relations as well as regional and international issues of common concern, the official announcement said.

“We hope this visit will help further strengthen friendship, deepen mutual trust, promote mutually beneficial cooperation and inject new impetus to the development of China-Cuba relations,” Hong said.

The visit coincides with the 55th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties this year, the Chinese spokesman pointed out.

According to The New York Times, the 60-year-old Wang “has become a torchbearer for advocates of free-market economics and quasi-enlightened governance.”

Although not exactly a liberal, Wang “stands out for his paeans to political liberalization and the virtues of American-style individualism,” The Times says.

Xiao Bin, a university professor in Guangzhou, Wang’s hometown, has described the Vice Premier as “the main receptacle for the expectations and hopes of China’s reformers.”

A critic of authoritarian rule, Wang was once quoted as saying that “if China doesn’t reform, we shall be slow-boiled like frogs.”

In a related development, Gen. Fan Changlong, vice chairman of the Central Military Commission, arrived in Havana on Monday (June 15). China Central TV described his visit as “the latest in what has become a regular series of high-level military exchanges between China and Cuba.”

General Fan is the most senior military official to visit Cuba since Dec. 17, when Cuba and the United States announced that they planned to restore diplomatic relations. In May of last year, the chief of the Chinese Army’s general staff, Fang Fenghui, toured a tank regiment near Havana.

Also last year, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Foreign Minister Wang Yi visited Cuba.

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  • Without property protection, few are willing to risk investment money. A transparent and fair legal and tax system is needed if international investment is to be lured. Democracy flourishes in places with a strong middle class. It should evolve, not be forced by outside forces. In the end the people always decide as failed regimes end.

  • Correct. Tax systems that are not perceived as fair and transparent get worked around. They are also horrible inefficient as is the case with Greece.

  • As it stands, the Castros “tax” system operates at more than 95% of personal income. By “rational tax system” I would assume that you mean a fully transparent system. I would hope that will also lead to a more democratic system.

  • The Chinese drive the hardest bargains. They will treat Cuba with respect but will fully expect a return on investment.

    A key need of the Cuba state is a rational tax system. Making these deals work will require letting go of some control as the state can’t directly oversee every oppotunity with efficiency. And as you point out, these deals won’t last. The time to lock in the investment is now.

  • At the end of the day, after, as you say, the limelight fades, what investors will be looking at will be; political stability, transparency, and a stable legal system. I can’t stress the importance of the last item. No one wants to run the risk of being thrown in jail or having property confiscated on a whim as has happened several times. There are also issues with infrastructure that need to be addressed.

  • It’s clear that when Obama decided to normalize relations with Cuba, he sparked international interest in all things Cuban. I agree with other commenters that the real test for the Castros is how to take full advantage of the limelight while it lasts. Anyone who has lived long enough to pay attention to international politics over the years knows the attention will not last long.

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