Christian Democrats Propose Nobel Peace Prize for Dissident’s Daughter

HAVANA TIMES — The leader of the Christian Democrats in the Parliament of Norway has proposed the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize be granted to Rosa Maria Paya (the daughter of the late dissident Oswaldo Paya) and to Cuba’s Christian Liberation Movement (MCL), reported the Diario de Cuba.

The proposal, made by Dagrun Eriksen, is based on “her work for freedom of expression, dialogue and democracy in Cuba,” reads the news article.

The MCL was also proposed for the award in late January by conservative Uruguayan legislators, while US legislators from both the Democratic and Republican parties nominated the “Ladies in White” Cuban dissident group earlier this month.

According to Nobel Prize nominating rules, any “professor of social sciences, history, philosophy, law and theology” and any judge or national legislator in any country can nominate anyone for a Nobel Peace Prize.

One thought on “Christian Democrats Propose Nobel Peace Prize for Dissident’s Daughter

  • By the recent decisions of the Noble Peace Prize people, it is evident that they cannot distinguish someone deserving the Peace Prize from anyone else. They gave the prize to Obama before he had done anything but talk. He then carried out a massive, cowardly drone slaughter of civilians around the world.

    If they were serious about peace, they would give the Prize to a person like Julian Assange or Bradley Manning.

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