Chucho Valdes: No Intention to Retire

HAVANA TIMES — Award-winning Cuban jazz musician Chucho Valdes said on Sunday in San Jose, Costa Rica, that his retirement from the stage is still far off, but that when he finally has to do that, his suffering will be “of a grand magnitude,” reported the AFP.

Asked about the possibility of ending his career that has spanned for nearly six decades, Valdes said: “I’m not even dreaming about it! Not even dreaming! I would die of dejection that very moment.” The musician added that when the time comes to say goodbye, he would like to be remembered “as someone who lived for music rather than from it.”

The award-winning Cuban pianist will give a concert along with his sister, Mayra Caridad, at the National Theatre in that Central American country on September 1, where he will perform songs from the album Chucho’s Steps, which won him a Grammy in 2011 for the best Latin jazz album.