Colloquium on Cuban Reggaeton Held

HAVANA TIMES, Feb 27 — Social problems linked to Cuban reggaeton were discussed on Saturday in the capital in a symposium organized by social groups affiliated with non-governmental organization “the Critical Observatory Network” (OC).

The conference was held in a community center in La Ceiba neighborhood, where it was attended by more than 30 people, including activists, college students, bloggers, cultural promoters and artists.

Various positions were expressed there, including that of OC activist Mario Castillo, who said “Reggaeton is part of the experiments that capitalism has done with popular culture based on the devastation created by that system, while Cuban ‘socialism’ has also created its own version of that destruction.”

The topic recently generated discussion in various areas of the island as a result of the censorship of reggaeton musician Osmani Garcia’s music video “Chupi-Chupi”, which was removed from a television game show.