Communist Party Secretary Replaced on the Isle of Youth

HAVANA TIMES — The first secretary of the Communist Party in the “Isla de la Juventud” (the Isle of Youth), Ana Isa Delgado Jardines, was “released” from post during a plenary session of the Municipal Committee of the Communist Party in that province, reported the Granma newspaper on Sunday.

During the meeting, chaired by Abelardo Alvarez Gil, a member of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the party, Ernesto Reynoso Piñera was appointed as the new party leader. He has been a member of the Executive Bureau of that organization at the municipal level since 2008.

No details were given about the reasons for the change or if Delgado Jardines would be re-assigned to “other duties,” as official statements regularly assert. In any case, the former leader is currently a deputy to the National Assembly for the Isle of Youth.

This is the fourth change in provincial leadership of the PCC and the seventh change to take place in the highest political circles in less than a month.