Controversy in Peru over Cuban Doctors

HAVANA TIMES — The presence of a group of Cuban doctors in Peru, where they allegedly practice without the necessary permits, has generated an outcry from local physicians, reported EFE.

The dean of the Medical College of Peru, Cesar Palomino, came out against this presence, while the doctors of the Social Security system stated that the issue would be among the demands in a strike called for May 13.

The head of the Institute of Health Services Management in the Ministry of Health, Oscar Ugarte, confirmed that in the country there are 42 Cuban health specialists, and each will receive about $1,785 dollars in total for lodging, food, transportation, life insurance and health care.

The Fujimori parliamentary group submitted a request to question the ministers of Health, Midori de Habich and Labor, Ana Jara on the subject.

For his part, the chairman of the Health Committee of Congress, Joaquín Ramírez, said “We see no logical justification for these doctors to have a salary and a long list of benefits that any doctor Peru would have.”