Correa Recognizes Maduro but Supports Recount if it Lowers Tension

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES — Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa, repeated his belief today that Nicolas Maduro legitimately won Sunday’s presidential elections in Venezuela, but supported a recount if it helps to end the tension generated by the refusal of the opposition to accept defeat.

“If all the votes need to be revised, then revise them. Nobody here wants to hide anything. But the National Electoral Council (CNE) has declared a winner,” Correa said during his visit to Berlin in an exclusive interview with dpa.

Ecuadorian President responded to the question of whether the recount demanded by opposition candidate Henrique Capriles could stop the escalation of tension in Venezuela, where seven people have died in clashes in the streets.

At the same time, Correa denounced the Venezuelan opposition’s “destabilization plans” in place since the presidency of Hugo Chavez.

“The Venezuelan electoral system has never been questioned. There have always been attempts, including with President Chavez, that if he didn’t win with a considerable margin they [the opposition] were going to question the results. We had intelligence information that such was part of the destabilization plans, “he charged.

“The idea has been to not recognize the results if the vote difference was small. That was the case this time, and instability is being created, “said Correa.

Correa suggested reviewing everything if that’s needed. Meanwhile, he noted, “we have no reason to doubt the proclamation of the CNE’s winner of the elections, which was Nicolas Maduro.”

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  • I guess the ( people assassinated are part of this accusation after accusation. Keep closing your eyes and keep dreaming your antsocialist dreams. Sleep well.

  • Abouth these destabilization plans there`s also a good article on Cubadebate. I think it`s a quite interesting analysis of the opposition`s plans.

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