Correa’s Threat Works in Ecuador, Abortion Remains a Crime

The big losers are women with problem pregnancies

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa backs the Catholic Church’s position that any abortion is killing. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES – The effort in the Ecuadorian legislature to decriminalize abortion in the new Criminal Code was aborted itself on Friday after President Rafael Correa threatened to resign if the motion had passed.

Paola Pabon, of the governing Alianza Pais, retracted her motion after having presented it in the legislature’s attempt to modernize the archaic Criminal Code. As the Code stands today a woman has to sacrifice her life if necessary to remain pregnant and give birth.

Pabón said the withdrawal of her proposal was taken to preserve unity within the government coalition. However she did tell President Correa that it wouldn’t have been a betrayal, as he had alleged, if the pro-government legislators had approved the measure.

Paola Poban withdrew her motion to decriminalize abortion in Ecuador after President Correa threatened to resign if it was approved.

“The traitors are not those who thought it was correct to defend the life of women,” lamented Pabón in her statement withdrawing the decriminalization motion.

Speaking directly to the president, she said: “With much affection we have to tell you that this time you are mistaken.”

Pabón added: “…what hurts most is having dissappointed men and women who have the legitimate right to demand a different position from this legislature.”

The decriminalization of abortion became a major issue in the ongoing discussion on the reforming of the out dated 1930 Penal Code.

To approve a new Penal Code the legislators are in permanent session including over the weekend. Before entering in force it must be approved by the president, notes dpa news.

2 thoughts on “Correa’s Threat Works in Ecuador, Abortion Remains a Crime

  • is this a case where the definition of the word abortion is the issue? Abortion can be defined as the intentionally killing of an unborn baby. Life-saving medical treatment, even when it results in the baby’s death, is not an abortion.

  • As one of the comments that appeared on the Spanish version of the site asks: I wonder if Mr. Correa would risk the life of his daughter, wife or friend if they had a complicated pregnancy that put their life at risk? Something tells me he would prefer the hypocrite route than staying faithfull to the Catholic doctrine? But what about the rest of Ecuadorian women, especially those of lesser means?

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