Costa Rica to Deport 200 illegal Cuban Migrants to Nicaragua

Cubans being rounded up by Immigration Police in Costa Rica
Cubans being rounded up by Immigration Police in Costa Rica

HAVANA TIMES — Costa Rican immigration officials will deport to Nicaragua a total of 200 Cubans who entered the country illegally from Panama, reported dpa news.

The Director of Immigration, Kathya Rodriguez, said that starting Thursday the Cubans will be sent in groups of 30 to the neighboring country.

The Cubans arrived in San Jose after contacting a local organization of human traffickers, which was dismantled on Tuesday by the Costa Rican police.

In addition, another group of 1,200 Cubans is stuck at the Paso Canoas border post on the Costa Rican border with Panama. The Cubans are demanding safe conduct passes to travel to Nicaragua on route to the United States, local television reported.

Speaking to the local Channel 7 TV, several of the Cubans who are in Paso Canoas, including several children, said they came from Ecuador, went to Colombia and then to Panama.


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  • Muslims are the kings when it comes to special treatment. Cubans need special treatment because they want leave a Communist country.

  • You are the one who is a hater by thinking one group of people should receive preferential treartment over another.

  • Hater, too bad for you United States thinks otherwise..

  • Good for Costa Rica! Cubans are NOT entitled to special treatment and their situation is not half as bad as those in other countries such as Honduras, Haiti, and El Salvador.

  • Ouch! Touching a nerve, am I?

  • When someone asks you what time it is, does your answer include references to Elio Delgado, the Castros, and how horrible life in Cuba is?

  • Once again, obviously these Cubans did not read the posts written by Elio Delgado Legon nor any of the commentaries written by the various Castro sycophants who promote the joys of living under Castro tyranny. Who would put themselves through this drama of moving from country to country on their way to the US and leave all the free health care, free education and low birthrate that Castros’ Cuba offers?

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