Coastal Flooding Sunday in Havana

Inundaciones Inundaciones en Calle C y 5ta, Vedado, La Habana. Photo: María Carla O’Connor/granma
Flooding in Havana at C and 5th Streets in Vedado. Photo: María Carla O’Connor/granma


HAVANA TIMES — Even though the weather was good Sunday in the capital, heavy seas invaded the Havana coastline along the Malecon seawall in the afternoon around 4:00 p.m., entering as far as five blocks to G St. and Linea, reported Granma online.

Damage reports to homes and other infrastructure will be forthcoming, most likely on Monday.


 Penetración del mar hasta la esquina de G y Línea. Photo: María Carla O’Connor/granma
The sea penetrated as far as five blocks to G and Linea Streets. Photo: María Carla O’Connor/granma

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  • It is beginning to look like Alton Road and other parts of South Beach. Projections that I’ve seen have the Florida “peninsula” looking more like the Greek Archipelago by mid-century. Hope Habana doesn’t become “The Venice of the Caribbean” –or worse! See recent article in the New Yorker about the prospect of FLA flooding.

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