Covid Surge in Cuba Appears Out of Control

Photo: from the government’s in Matanazas / Oncubanews

By Circles Robinson

HAVANA TIMES – While vaccinated Russian and Canadian tourists are enjoying or hoping to enjoy beach resort vacations in Cuba, the locals are suffering a large-scale expansion of Covid-19 cases.  In Matanzas and Cardenas, the two main cities near the famous Varadero resort, hospitals are reportedly overflowing with sick patients.

To deal with the situation, the Ministry of Health is sending hundreds of graduating medical students and also dozens of members of the Henry Reeve Brigade, which usually contracts out for work during emergencies abroad.

The 6,422 confirmed positive cases of Covid-19 on Thursday were up an astounding 68% more than the record setting 3,819 on Wednesday. Cuba’s population is 11.2 million inhabitants.

The province of Matanzas alone had 3,559 positive cases identified on Thursday, up from 1,327 on Wednesday, almost the total of the entire island the day before.

The government is enforcing greater restrictions on movement of the population but has done little to relieve the lack of basic food or medicine shortages that makes many people take the risk and leave their homes to get in crowded lines to purchase something to eat for themselves and their families.

On paper, the officials have everything in order. However, on the ground it is a different realty, report numerous HT contributors.

It is important to note that the government officials and planners seen nightly haranging the population on the State news broadcast are rarely (if ever) seen in lines or on the crowded, deficient public transportation. However, they do seem healthy and well fed.

The following is the list of positive cases from Thursday published Friday morning by the Cuban Ministry of Health.

By province:

  • Pinar del Río: 146 cases
  • Artemisa: 93
  • Havana: 524
  • Mayabeque: 104
  • Matanzas: 3 559
  • Isla de La Juventud: 2
  • Cienfuegos: 166
  • Villa Clara: 218
  • Sancti Spíritus: 160
  • Ciego de Ávila: 199
  • Camagüey: 168
  • Las Tunas: 112
  • Granma: 81
  • Holguín: 212
  • Santiago de Cuba: 366
  • Guantánamo: 322

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3 thoughts on “Covid Surge in Cuba Appears Out of Control

  • It is so useful to have reports from within Cuba on progress with COVID-19. All of us hope that COVID. can be controlled and that the world can contribute to the syringe shortage . Hopefully Cuba can both see a cancellation of the embargo and also press on with Raul’s reforms to improve the economy.

  • Shocking increase. How is it possible that Matanzas is being hit so badly when 90% of its population has been vaccinated with three(!!) doses ?? That vaccine is clearly ineffective. Shocking.

    It is also becoming clear that the 2021/22 tourist season will also be affected. No income from the pesky tourists means more issues for the broke government. If things are desperate right now what will the situation be in 2022?? Things look grim. Very tough times ahead.

  • Blessings, hope, peace and joy for all my friends in Cardenas.

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