Cremata’s Crematorium Part 2

HAVANA TIMES — We bring you part two of Juan Carlos Cremata’s short fiction film Crematorio, en fin…el mal”. (Crematorium, at last… the evil.) The second 27-minute film is titled “Crematorio II, más allá del bien y del… mar” (Crematorium II, beyond good and the… sea.)

Crematorium II is the story of two women – a white noblewoman and her black servant – who come back to life and take a stroll down Havana’s Colon cemetery. During their promenade, they talk of the changes that have taken place in Cuban society – changes which, to these ladies, have been for the worse.

No English subtitles at this point but the film does have Spanish subtitles which for some will make it easier to understand.



See part one:  “Crematorio, en fin… el mal”

One thought on “Cremata’s Crematorium Part 2

  • Thanks for posting, Circles! The subtitles were especially useful. It was interesting to see Cremata’s numerous homages to earlier cinematographers (e.g. some of the musical echoes which follow each interchange of the old friends in Crematorium 2 are from Bergman’s “Wild Strawberries.”) Can any other viewers add examples of additional homages?

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