Cuba’s Top Enemy on BBC Special

Luis Posada Carriles. Photo: Gov. of Venezuela

HAVANA TIMES, July 20 — Luis Posada Carriles, a self confessed terrorist crusader and Cuba’s public enemy number one, is the subject of a radio documentary to be broadcast by the BBC World Service on Thursday July 21.

Posada, who does not repent his involvement in a deadly plane sabotage in 1976 nor Havana hotel bombings in the 1990s, lives in Miami, the home of several Cuban exile organizations that consider him a hero for his anti-Castro resume.

The 83-year-old explosives expert and former CIA operative was recently acquitted on charges of having lied to US immigration officers about his 2005 illegal entry into the United States, months after he was pardoned by an outgoing Panamanian president.

He had served part of a prison term related to an assassination attempt against Fidel Castro in 2000.  Later, the pardon was overturned and an arrest order sent out for Posada.

Posada has never been tried in the US for his terrorist actions, many of which were carried out with the knowledge of US intelligence, including the plane bombing where 73 people died.  He is wanted in Venezuela, Panama and Cuba but successive US governments prefer to allow him freedom in the USA.