Cuba “A Ghost” Without Young People


HAVANA TIMES, Feb. 23 — Cuban singer/songwriter Silvio Rodriguez comments in an interview with the Pablo la Torriente Brau website on one of the burning topics among those interested in the continuation of the Cuban revolution: The desire of so many young people to emigrate.

“I think we should reflect and we must listen to the youth,” said Silvio, adding, “a country without young people is destined to be a shadow, a ghost.”

In another part of the interview by Vivian Nuñez, Silvio, 60, notes:

“The first thing I could say is that it’s good that there is a debate, that this issue is being discussed, that it’s taking place publicly, and that we are not avoiding it.”

2 thoughts on “Cuba “A Ghost” Without Young People

  • I live in a so called developed Country (UK) and would, given the opportunity emigrate though I suspect for very different reasons to those of the youth of Cuba.
    The national debt in the UK is nearing 900 billion pounds sterling and it is our Chancellors intention to borrow even more.
    We are riddled with sleaze, parasitic politicians who are busy feathering their own nests and 7% of the population who have 84% of the wealth.
    It has become common practice for British nationals to drop the word ‘Great’ from Great Britain because people are so disillusioned.
    I think the youth of Cuba should think very carefully before choosing to emigrate and to where.
    The old saying ‘The grass isn’t always greener on the other side’ springs to mind.
    If any Cuban youth thinks life in some imperialist country is in their best interest, they should think again.

  • Dear Circles, and staff,
    Thank u for this post. I have arrived back in Cuba from Haiti, after an extended effort to help our fellow Cubans, as well as the Haitian comm, and now i see more clearly. (i stayed on my own)
    I agree, that the loss of the youth would not only become a disaster which would/could be as devastating as any hurricane, but also a phenom which would serve to stifle real transformation..
    Having said that, here is hoping that your group of astute up and coming journalist, can/will also serve to execute badly needed transformation.
    Over the last lets say..60+ years worldwide. Transformation has come with the efforts of the youngest of of the worlds change masters? (my words) And as in Africa Cuba, and the Alba nations et/al,, (and many other places,) those with the most to loose have SIEZED THE TIME” thus causing those of my sit back and say..Ave Maria Adios Mio..Gracia Adios.
    Thank u all

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