Cuba “is Bankrupt,” says Joaquín Sabina

HAVANA TIMES, March 22 — Spanish singer-songwriter Joaquín Sabina regretted Cuba’s situation, in statements to the press before beginning his first tour of the United States. “I haven’t been to Cuba for a long time because I would feel very sad. I read the newspapers, speak with people and know what is happening and that the country is bankrupt,” said the Spanish musician, who described the island’s current times as a “tremendous historical failure”, reported IPS.

2 thoughts on “Cuba “is Bankrupt,” says Joaquín Sabina

  • This also applies to the USA which is now also bankrupt thanks to Republican Policies. I don’t think much works in this new world of ours.

  • But, Oh, My! We were just doing what Marx and Engels said we should do! And they couldn’t be wrong, because they were infallible . . . Surely, the state must own everything and everyone must be its faithful employee.

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