Cuba All-Star Game Sunday in Cienfuegos

HAVANA TIMES, Feb. 5 — Just past the midway point in the current Cuban baseball season, the annual All-Star Game will take place tomorrow Sunday February 6 in the picturesque south central city of Cienfuegos.

The 21-player squads of the Orientales (Eastern) and Occidentales (Western) divisions were announced on Wednesday.

The Occidentales team features:

Catchers: Vladimir García (Ijv), Lorenzo Quintana (Pri) and Osvaldo Arias (Cfg)

Infielders: José D. Abreu (Cfg), Yulieski Gourriel (Ssp), Eriasbel Arrebarruena (Cfg), Lázaro Herrera (Mtz), Juan C. Torriente (Ind), Donald Duarte (Pri) and Dunier Serrano (Mtz)

Outfielders: Ariel Sánchez (Mtz), Yasiel Puig (Cfg), Liván Monteagudo (Ssp) and Serguei Pérez (Ind).

Pitchers: Norberto González (Cfg), Duniel Ibarra (Cfg), Noelvis Entenza (Cfg), Israel Sánchez (Hab), Pavel Pino (Met), Gerardo Concepción (Ind), Reinier Verano (Pri) and Ismel Jiménez (Ssp).

Manager: Iday Abreu (Cfg)

The Orientales team features:

Catchers: Lisdey Díaz (Cav) and Yosvany Alarcón (Ltu)

Infielders: Joan C. Pedroso (Ltu), Yoilan Cercé (Gtm), Alexander Guerrero (Ltu), Yorbis Borroto (Cav), Yunior Paumier (Hol) and Mario Vega (Cav)

Outfielders: Urmaris Guerra (Grm), Yoennis Céspedes (Grm), Yoelvis Fiss (Cav), Reutilio Hurtado (Scu) and Issac Martínez (Cav)

Pitchers: Yormani Socarrás (Cam), Ciro S. Licea (Grm), Rigoberto Cabrera (Ltu), Freddy A. Alvarez (Vcl), Misael Silveiro (Vcl), Pedro Echemendía (Cav), Alexander Rodríguez (Gtm) and Douglas Lafargue (Gtm)

Manager: Roger Machado (Cav)

The Game will be broadcast on Cubavision International TV  at 2:30 p.m. EST..

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